About us

Nada Happiness

Nada Happiness established in 2010 have emerged in Sultanate of Oman with strong partnerships with the world’s most iconic brands in the FMCG industry.

Given the geographical location of Oman, Nada have always used all the means of transportation Sea, Air and Roads in bring the goods on time as per market requirements. We today have built many brands together, developing and implementing programs to create, market awareness and maintain brand image. Nada Happiness Group’s domination of Oman’s FMCG market, together with its continued vertical and horizontal growth is testament to the Group’s capabilities, determination and high standards in a highly competitive marketplace. We have opened various stores in different locations and look forward to explore to new places to meet the requirements.
We have highly qualified employees trained and experienced staff forming the largest and most efficient, effective sales forces in the country, equally supported by the extensive logistics department for the importation, storage and distribution of products.


Whether you are shopping in our retail stores, wholesale stores or any of our companies, we work hard to deliver great experience with our partners and customers.


To be recognized by our customers as the preferred and trusted supply partner whose service standards exceed those of our competitors.

Our Brands

Serving over 200+ brands