Nada Distribution

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Nada Distribution

Nada happiness is an Oman based company serve the needs of 250+ brands through our distribution channel across Sultanate of Oman. We have registered our footprints in various sectors like hyper markets, supermarkets, cooperatives and grocery stores. We started our operations in 2008. With in a span of 13 years, we became one of top contender in the distribution sector in Oman. The trust, quality and workmanship of Nada happiness had attained a great goodwill among the customers. Our customized service in transportation, warehousing and technology for the leading hyper markets, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants had made Nada happiness as the most trusted and effective brand in the market.

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Nada Distribution


NADA is a leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions in the Sultanate of Oman. The company offers the full spectrum of high-quality solutions to a variety of industry verticals.


Dry fruits and nuts are essential commodities in a middle eastern diet. We understood the need of it which leads us to create roastery counters which provides much varieties of dry fruits and confectionery from across the globe.
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Retail & Wholesale

Nada Happiness engages in retail and wholesale business. The Company had variety of merchandise and services at best prices.