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From a small roaster outlet,
to a multinational powerhouse with a
global footprint - our remarkable success story

Allow us to introduce you to the world of Nada Happiness, where vision becomes reality and quality is our constant companion.
With our roots deeply embedded in the economic sphere of Oman, we have evolved into a bonfire of excellence
in the FMCG distribution, wholesale, and retail industries.

2 Companies &
6 Divisions



Our Objectives


Deliver Unparalleled Service
Quality to Customers


Ensure Product Accessibility
through Affordability


Cultivate a Supportive Work
Environment for Team


Pioneer Industry Leadership
in Distribution & FMCG

What We Do

Wholesale & Retail

The perfect ingredients, household essentials, or premium offerings for customers,
our Wholesale and Retail FMCG Division is here to serve you. Step into a world
where quality meets accessibility, and where your satisfaction is our unwavering mission.


Our confectionery range is a symphony of tastes, catering to a diverse array of preferences-from classic favorites that evoke childhood memories to innovative creations that redefine indulgence

Food Processing

We source the finest ingredients, adhere to stringent quality control, and employ advanced techniques to ensure that every creation that bears the Nada Happiness name meets the highest standards

Roastery Division

From the rich aromas of coffee to the exotic allure of Kawah, the indulgence of dates to the wholesomeness of dry fruits, our diverse range in the roastery division captures the essence of each category, ensuring that every experience is a sensory delight.

Consumer Division

Presenting a curated collection that caters to your modern lifestyle, offering everything from cutting-edge gadgets to everyday necessities. From the latest innovations in branded electronics to the timeless appeal of everyday necessities, our Consumer Division is your portal to a hand-picked selection that upgrades your lifestyle. Each product is a witness to quality, and each experience is a celebration of modern living.

Our belief - "The right business ethics empower attaining a successful business empire."

Choose Us

Choosing Nada Happiness as your preferred partner is not just a decision; it's an investment in excellence,
value, and trust. We understand the industry inside out, and our insights drive our commitment to perfection.
Here's why Nada Happiness stands head and shoulders above the rest:


Quality Products

From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, we
maintain rigorous quality control measures to ensure top quality
for every product


Friendly Staff

Our friendly and professional staff creates an environment
where you feel valued, heard, and understood—our dedication
to customer satisfaction


Best Price

We believe quality should be accessible to all. You not only
receive top-notch products but also do so without putting a
strain on your budget.

We guarantee satisfaction through value-added products and uphold trust with suppliers as a sincere partner

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