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About Us

A Single Stop Destination
For Happiness

Nada Happiness

From Humble Beginings To A Successful Multinational Company -
A Tale of Hardwork & Resilience

Nada Happiness is a pioneer in Oman's retail, wholesale, distribution and trading sectors with a legacy of unwavering excellence. Our portfolio encompasses two distinct companies, each housing six specialized divisions. This intricate framework has led to the establishment of twenty strategic outlets, offering a comprehensive array of over 30,000 products. Supporting these endeavors is our dedicated workforce, comprising 470 skilled professionals, whose collective commitment has fostered an extensive base of satisfied clients. Facilitating smooth logistics and ensuring the timely movement and safe storage of goods is our extensive fleet of carefully maintained vans, cars and trucks. Each passing year has marked a momentous milestone in the evolution of Nada Happiness. Central to our narrative are the architects of this triumph – Mr. Abdul Salam, Mr. Abdul Salim, and Mr. Asif, visionaries who have diligently steered Nada Happiness towards its current zenith.

A persistent passion to offer
products and services of
unmatched quality every day!

A glimpse of our consistent growth...

Meet Our Directors

Building a multinational business empire from a small retail outlet was accomplished by our strict adherence to maintaining exemplary service standards, adept personnel development and constant refinement of the team.

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